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B.C. to revamp workplace laws to safeguard gig economy workers, including minimum wage and tip protection

British Columbia is making changes to its workplace legislation to provide better working protection, including basic employment standards, for gig economy workers. That includes establishing a minimum wage, rules around vehicle expenses, and tip protection.

‘Person of authority’: When it comes to harassment, executives can’t count on progressive discipline

Across Canada, employers are required by law to ensure that their workplace is free of discrimination and harassment. While putting a Violence and Harassment Policy in place is mandatory, it cannot be a standalone measure. Organizations also need to see to it that their policies are implemented (which includes training) and enforced.

Concerns emerge over NextStar's plans to hire foreign workers for battery plant in Windsor, Ont.

Federal Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said Monday that he is pushing for a full inquiry into the issue to find out how many workers the company plans to bring in from abroad. "Our money should fund our paycheques,'' he said in Ottawa. "We want a commitment that none of the money should go to temporary foreign work.''

CRA claws back $458 million in pandemic era wage subsidies after partial audit

The agency is releasing a report that offers detailed findings of its audits of the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Program. The CEWS program subsidized businesses' staff wages by 75 per cent in hopes of encouraging companies to hold on to their employees during the pandemic.

Massive potash mine being built in Saskatchewan breaks new ground for women

In July of this year, mining giant BHP announced a company first. More than 14,000 kilometres away from its Melbourne, Australia headquarters, BHP said it had achieved its "gender balance'' target for its local workforce in Saskatchewan.

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In Her Shoes: Conversations on women’s health in the workplace

Talent Canada has partnered with Sun Life on a special seven-part series focused on women’s health in the workplace. From reproductive health to menopause, from the lack of clinical research to difficulties accessing care, the expert panel tackled some of the most important challenges facing your workers.

See the full multimedia series at » www.TalentCanada.ca/womens-health.

No more languishing: How HR leaders can help close mental health literacy gap

I frequently have the opportunity to do live talks to promote workplace mental health, writes Bill Howatt. One of those talked is called "No More Languishing." Its purpose is threefold: First, to educate about the difference between mental health and mental illness. Second, to introduce emotional literacy to review emotions’ role in our well-being. And third, to explore how mental fitness helps develop habits that support emotional regulation. » Read More...

Applications for 2024 Canada Summer Jobs now open, Ottawa aims to support 70,000 positions

The mercury might be dropping, but it's already time to start thinking about summer — if you're looking to hire students, that is. The application period for the federal government's Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program opened this week. » Read More...

Opioids in the Workplace: Call for speakers for this important discussion

Opioids are having a devastating impact on communities, and workplaces often find themselves on the front lines of substance abuse disorders. With this in mind, Talent Canada is partnering with OHS Canada to present a special virtual event on Opioids in the Workplace on Jan. 31, 2024. » Read More...
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Employment Contracts Handbook, Fourth Edition

This text provides detailed employment agreement precedents that cover a wide variety of circumstances. Divided into eight comprehensive chapters, this text covers a plethora of topics like executive employment contracts, sales representatives, formal employment contracts, alternate provisions, and more. This is a complete resource for anyone engaged in preparing employment agreements, from novices and general practitioners to those who regularly prepare employment agreements. » Order your copy!

Microsoft hires Sam Altman, and OpenAI's new CEO vows to investigate his firing

Microsoft snapped up Sam Altman and another architect of OpenAI for a new venture after their sudden departures shocked the artificial intelligence world, leaving the newly installed CEO of the ChatGPT maker to paper over tensions by vowing to investigate Altman's firing. » Read More...

Ford and Stellantis workers join those at GM in approving contract settlement that ended UAW strikes

The United Auto Workers union overwhelmingly ratified new contracts with Ford and Stellantis, that along with a similar deal with General Motors will raise pay across the industry, force automakers to absorb higher costs and help reshape the auto business as it shifts away from gasoline-fueled vehicles. » Read More...

Las Vegas union hotel workers ratify Caesars contract

Las Vegas hotel union workers voted overwhelmingly Monday to approve their contract agreement with casino giant Caesars Entertainment, signaling an end to lengthy labour disputes that had brought the threat of a historic strike to the Strip. » Read More...


Who is Sam Altman, OpenAI’s wunderkind ex-CEO – and why was he fired?

On Friday, OpenAI’s high-flying chief executive Sam Altman was unexpectedly fired by the company’s board. Co-founder and chief technology officer Greg Brockman was also removed as the board president, after which he promptly resigned. In an unexpected twist, talks began today about potentially reinstating Altman in some capacity following an outpouring of industry and investor support for him and several OpenAI researchers who quit their jobs in solidarity. » Read More...

Regina hospital allegations point to an epidemic of bullying and discrimination in health care

Foreign-trained physicians at Regina General Hospital have alleged that discriminatory practices by the hospital’s “racist, and discriminatory leadership” have led to them being targeted and sidelined. Ten physicians trained in Africa and Asia filed a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission alleging they have faced bullying, harassment and racial discrimination. » Read More...

Long hours and low wages: The human labour powering AI’s development

The Finnish tech firm Metroc recently began using prison labour to train a large language model to improve artificial intelligence (AI) technology. For 1.54 euros an hour prisoners answer simple questions about snippets of text in a process known as data labelling. Data labelling is often outsourced to labour markets in the Global South where companies can find workers who are fluent in English and willing to work for low wages. » Read More...


Strategic Grievance Handling

November 21, 2023 | Ottawa, Ontario »

Opioids in the Workplace

Talent Canada and OHS Canada, the nation’s leading workplace media brands, are proud to announce a collaborative virtual event on opioids and substance abuse disorders in the workplace. » Register now

HR West 2024

March 5, 2024 | Oakland Marriott City Center » Read More...