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Meet me in the metaverse: Some companies set up shop in a digital environment

As a snowstorm bore down on Toronto, Aaron Grinhaus spoke fondly about the view from his office — not his law firm’s building in midtown, but the one in the metaverse, where two park benches sit around a water fountain and the sky is a gradient of denimblue

Artificial intelligence promoted to role of supervised CEO at health technology startup

A U.K.-based company is using artificial intelligence (AI) to act as its CEO. The technology was “promoted” to the role of supervised chief executive officer after it worked for about a year ensuring safety and legal compliance.

Ottawa kicking the tires on Dayforce as replacement for troubled Phoenix payroll system

The federal government has been kicking the tires on Dayforce, the human capital management platform from the company formerly known as Ceridian, as it searches for a replacement for its beleaguered Phoenix system.

Telus is having ‘incomprehensible failure’ with new payroll system, says union

A union that represents thousands of Telus workers said there is an “incomprehensible failure” in a new payroll system the company implemented.

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Engage, inspire & retain your employees with WorkTango

WorkTango is an award-winning Employee Experience platform that helps leaders and organizations improve employee engagement, increase retention, and boost performance while reducing costs with Employee Surveys and Recognition & Rewards software. WorkTango’s holistic platform offers two distinct, but complementary solutions. Surveys & Insights makes it easy for organizations to measure engagement and ensure every employee feels heard through unlimited surveys across the entire employee lifecycle. Recognition & Rewards enables organizations to scale and automate manual recognition & rewards practices, track and control costs, and create a continuous culture of appreciation. » Learn more at worktango.com.

The AI arms race highlights the urgent need for responsible innovation

The recent frenzy over language processing tools such as ChatGPT has sent organizations scrambling to provide guidelines for responsible usage. The online publishing platform Medium, for example, has released a statement on AI-generated writing that promotes “transparency” and “disclosure.” » Read More...

I asked ChatGPT to handle some everyday HR tasks: This is what happened

I’m equal parts impressed and terrified by ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence tool that can do just about anything you ask it to do. » Read More...