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Cheat sheet to create a well-rounded strategic HR plan

Planning your HR strategy is no easy feat. It takes collaboration, communication, intelligence, fo­resight, and so much more! After all, HR is not just HR’s job. People ARE the business, so top leadership as well as managers throughout the organization need to own the HR strategy.

It’s precisely because of these challenges in de­veloping and documenting a solid HR strategy that we’ve produced this workbook – to guide you through the process and provide you with a framework to structure your HR strategy planning for 2022.

Once you’ve completed the workbook, we be­lieve you’ll have the inputs you need to further develop and effectively communicate your HR strategy for 2022. Since every organization is different, however, there are likely to be addi­tional elements in your HR strategy that aren’t covered in this workbook. Treat this workbook as a starting point to frame your thinking, and to serve you in the process of creating your own in-depth strategy document. Enjoy!


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