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CompensationFeaturesLabour Relations

September 12, 2022
Constitutional challenge of Ontario’s wage cap bill begins in court

CompensationNewsDiversity & Inclusion

August 23, 2022
Feds won’t extend bilingualism bonus to employees who speak an Indigenous language


August 18, 2022
Manitoba to increase minimum wage to $13.50 in October, plans to reach $15 next year


August 15, 2022
Dispute over athlete agreement has bobsled pilot without pay for four months


August 10, 2022
Metro faces ongoing worker shortage, higher overtime pay to keep grocery stores open


August 3, 2022
Ontario premier won’t commit to wage cap repeal for health-care workers

CompensationNewsLabour Relations

August 2, 2022
Union wants 11.7 per cent raise for Ontario education workers in bargaining proposal

CompensationFeaturesFederal and Provincial Budgets

August 2, 2022
Nova Scotia legislature expected to vote down pay raise for politicians

CompensationFeaturesEconomyYoung Workers

July 28, 2022
Rising food, rent costs eat into young professionals’ disposable income

CompensationFeaturesJob Cuts

July 26, 2022
‘I got this wrong:’ Shopify CEO announces plan to layoff 10 per cent of staff

CompensationNewsFederal and Provincial Budgets

July 26, 2022
Report recommends 12.6 per cent raise for Nova Scotia MLAs, but government balks at move


July 25, 2022
If we want better municipal politicians, we should pay better wages


July 21, 2022
Minimum income to buy a home in Toronto or Vancouver is $220,000

CompensationNewsEconomyWorkforce Statistics

July 18, 2022
Canadian incomes went up in 2020 amid uptake of pandemic benefits: census data

CompensationFeaturesEmployee WellnessEthicsLabour Relations

June 27, 2022
Group asks for living wages, labour rights for 2026 World Cup

CompensationNewsEmployee ActivismLabour RelationsTerminations/Wrongful Dismissal

June 27, 2022
Lawsuit alleges pay discrimination at Newfoundland and Labrador oil corporation

CompensationFeaturesBenefits & PensionsYoung Workers

June 22, 2022
Millennial and Gen Z populations expect employers to support their financial security and well being in the new world of work


June 21, 2022
More pay boosts possible this year amid tight labour market, inflation: experts

CompensationNewsBenefits & Pensions

June 15, 2022
CIBC latest bank to raise wages amid tight labour market, adds boost to minimum pay


June 6, 2022
OFL Responds to Election Results: “We will continue building a fighting labour movement”

CompensationNewsBenefits & PensionsEmployee ActivismPay Equity

June 6, 2022
Canada’s men’s soccer team withdrew from World Cup warmup match over wage, benefits dispute

CompensationFeaturesPay Equity

May 30, 2022
Pay for female CEOs rose 26% in 2021, but ranks remain small


May 28, 2022
Ontario leaders promise to repeal legislation that caps public sector wage increases


May 16, 2022
A guaranteed basic income could end poverty, so why isn’t it happening?

CompensationNewsLabour Relations

May 12, 2022
Airport delays effectively forcing flight attendants to work for free: Union


May 3, 2022
Saskatchewan boosting minimum wage to $13 an hour

CompensationNewsLabour Relations

April 13, 2022
B.C. government worker union says contract talks with province at impasse over wages


April 5, 2022
Ontario boosting minimum wage to $15.50 per hour

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