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June 1, 2022
The folly of the work life balance


May 28, 2022
Ontario leaders promise to repeal legislation that caps public sector wage increases


May 24, 2022
Quebec adopts Bill 96, expanding language laws to employers with 25 or more staff


May 10, 2022
Working for Workers Act 2022 brings changes to Ontario workplaces

LegislationNewsDiversity & Inclusion

May 3, 2022
B.C. tables data collection law to help dismantle systemic racism, says premier


April 8, 2022
Ontario passes ‘historic’ Working for Workers Act

LegislationNewsDiversity & Inclusion

April 4, 2022
B.C. removes 750 instances of gendered language from government regulations


March 29, 2022
B.C. clarifies rules around employer paid-sick leave program

LegislationFeaturesLabour Relations

March 29, 2022
Federal law will ban employers from using replacement workers during strikes

LegislationFeaturesFederal and Provincial Budgets

March 22, 2022
Deal with NDP to keep Trudeau in power means changes coming for employers


March 7, 2022
Ontario improving job protection for military reservists


March 3, 2022
Ontario moves to Roadmap Exit Step as pandemic restrictions lift


March 1, 2022
Law to protect French in Canada aims for more francophone migrants

LegislationNewsHealth & Safety

March 1, 2022
Ontario to mandate naloxone kits in high-risk workplaces, including construction sites


February 24, 2022
Ontario to mandate disclosure of employee electronic surveillance

LegislationNewsChild/Elder Care

February 24, 2022
NDP asks Liberals to drop appeal of tribunal ruling in EI maternity leave case

LegislationNewsCultureWorking Remotely

February 11, 2022
Unions, employers split on ‘right to disconnect’ legislation: advisory committee

LegislationColumns/BlogsFeaturesWorking Remotely

January 25, 2022
How businesses can best help employees disconnect from work

LegislationColumns/BlogsFeaturesEconomyHealth & Safety

January 6, 2022
B.C. permanent sick leave program is a broad stroke – which province is next?


January 3, 2022
B.C. implements guaranteed paid sick days for all workers, including part time

LegislationNewsWorking Remotely

December 30, 2021
Pandemic puts ‘right to disconnect’ in spotlight as provinces inch toward policies

LegislationNewsSexual Harassment

December 20, 2021
Amendments to Saskatchewan Employment Act come into force Jan. 1


December 17, 2021
Ottawa extends pandemic programs, passes paid sick leave bill

LegislationColumns/BlogsCultureSexual Harassment

December 15, 2021
Banning non-disclosure agreements isn’t enough to stop unethical workplace leader behaviour

LegislationNewsHealth & SafetyPolitics

December 14, 2021
Government open to amending paid sick leave bill it wants passed by week’s end

LegislationNewsWorking RemotelyWorkplace Legislation

December 2, 2021
Ontario government passes Working for Workers Act, 2021

LegislationFeaturesSexual Harassment

November 29, 2021
‘This will always be a fight’: Women push for changes to Saskatchewan labour law

LegislationNewsHealth & Safety

November 24, 2021
B.C. releasing plans for permanent sick leave program

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