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Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsEthics

September 6, 2022
Grey hair: Fine for George Clooney but not Lisa LaFlamme?

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsLegal

August 29, 2022
How Quebec’s Bill 21 could be vanquished by a rarely used Charter provision

Diversity & InclusionNews

August 29, 2022
N.L. government adding reserved parking for pregnant visitors

Diversity & InclusionNews

August 24, 2022
Dove Canada calls out ageism in the workplace against women in new campaign

Diversity & InclusionNewsCompensation

August 23, 2022
Feds won’t extend bilingualism bonus to employees who speak an Indigenous language

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesBackground Screening

August 23, 2022
Feds cut funding for anti racism project over ‘reprehensible and vile’ tweets

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesManaging/Leadership

August 22, 2022
Calm in the chaos: Canadian Medical Association’s first Indigenous leader takes helm

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesWorkplace Investigations

August 19, 2022
Bell Media launching external review of its workplace following LaFlamme termination

Diversity & InclusionNewsEthicsImmigration

August 19, 2022
OPP discriminated against migrant workers in 2013 sexual assault investigation: HRTO

Diversity & InclusionNews

August 17, 2022
Record number of Canadians speak first language other than English or French: Statistics Canada

Diversity & InclusionNewsLabour Relations

August 10, 2022
Lana Payne elected as Unifor’s national president – first woman to hold the job

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesBullying

July 27, 2022
Alberta food supplier faces huge backlash after homophobic email sent by owner

Diversity & InclusionNews

July 22, 2022
Alberta unveils sweeping anti-racism action plan

Diversity & InclusionNewsWorkforce StatisticsYoung Workers

July 19, 2022
Closing employment gap for Indigenous youth key to addressing labour shortage: Study

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsEmployee CommunicationsManaging/Leadership

July 18, 2022
Human interaction, empathy key to recruitment and retention

Diversity & InclusionNewsRecruitment

July 18, 2022
‘I got the call back’: Alberta police, emergency services recruit Indigenous youth

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsManaging/Leadership

July 12, 2022
Inclusive workplaces are key in attracting top talent

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesHealth & Safety

July 6, 2022
Canadian Forces allow beards, face tattoos in updated dress policy

Diversity & InclusionFeatures

June 21, 2022
Corporate Pride campaigns are back, but advocates want more than ‘rainbow washing’

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesCulturePay Equity

June 9, 2022
Fewer than half of Canadian companies have Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy

Diversity & InclusionNewsHuman Rights

June 9, 2022
Saskatchewan’s workplace equity policy hasn’t been updated in 22 years: auditor

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsImmigrationLabour Relations

May 31, 2022
Canada needs to stop wasting the talent of skilled immigrants

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsLabour RelationsSuccession Planning

May 24, 2022
Antiquated thinking about old age hinders Canada’s economic and social development

Diversity & InclusionNewsLegal

May 18, 2022
Federal lawyer asks judge to strike out spy service employee’s discrimination lawsuit

Diversity & InclusionNewsGlobal HR NewsRecruitment

May 16, 2022
U.S. civil rights enforcers warn employers against biased AI in recruitment

Diversity & InclusionNewsFuture of Work

May 6, 2022
Manitoba Government, Pride at Work Canada partner to push diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Diversity & InclusionColumns/Blogs

May 3, 2022
CEOs are hindering LGBTQ+ equality in the workplace

Diversity & InclusionNewsLegislation

May 3, 2022
B.C. tables data collection law to help dismantle systemic racism, says premier

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