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Diversity & InclusionNewsHealth & Safety

May 6, 2021
A look at the unhealthy toll COVID-19 has taken on mothers

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsFeaturesManaging/Leadership

May 6, 2021
Considering blind spots in leadership and HR management

Diversity & InclusionFeatures

May 3, 2021
Action urged to end anti-Black racism in public service

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsCulture

April 29, 2021
How to create a deeply humane workplace culture

Diversity & InclusionNewsLegislationRecruitment

April 22, 2021
Despite Bill 21 ruling, Quebec English school boards must await appeal before hiring

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsFeatures

April 14, 2021
What’s next for neurodiversity in the workplace?

Diversity & InclusionNewsBullyingSexual HarassmentWorkplace Violence

April 14, 2021
McDonald’s to mandate anti-harassment training worldwide

Diversity & InclusionNewsCorporate Social ResponsibilityEconomy

April 8, 2021
Canada needs to be more inclusive, fair and sustainable: RBC CEO

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesCorporate Social ResponsibilityPolitics

April 6, 2021
After backlash to new voting law, McConnell warns CEOs to ‘stay out of politics’

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsManaging/Leadership

April 5, 2021
Power of parity in boards: past, present and future

Diversity & InclusionFeatures

March 30, 2021
Decades-long diversity journey gets ‘reality check’

Diversity & InclusionNews

March 30, 2021
‘Drive the change’: Embattled human rights museum hires two new managers

Diversity & InclusionNewsRecruitment

March 29, 2021
In inclusivity push, workers reject prods to allow mispronounced or ‘whitened’ names

Diversity & InclusionNews

March 23, 2021
Mounties enforced racist policies, RCMP commissioner says

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsFeaturesImmigrationWorkforce Statistics

March 16, 2021
The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of collecting diversity, equity and inclusion data on immigrants

Diversity & InclusionNewsMental Health

March 16, 2021
Working women report poor mental health, with stress higher among working moms

Diversity & InclusionNewsPolitics

March 9, 2021
Rolling back progress for women should not be COVID-19’s legacy: Trudeau

Diversity & InclusionNews

March 8, 2021
N.W.T. government needs to identify racism in its policies, MLAs say

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesImmigrationManaging/Leadership

March 4, 2021
Middle managers make or break immigrant-inclusive teams: report

Diversity & InclusionNewsCompensationGlobal HR NewsPay Equity

March 4, 2021
EU wants employers to report pay levels to fix gender gap

Diversity & InclusionNewsManaging/Leadership

March 2, 2021
Women who identify as Black or Indigenous are absent in Canadian C-suite pipeline: survey

Diversity & InclusionNews

March 1, 2021
First Nations community says Kenora, Ont., businesses denied them service after harmful social media posts

Diversity & InclusionNews

March 1, 2021
Iqaluit council to ‘deal with’ councillor’s remarks about Black taxi drivers

Diversity & InclusionNewsGlobal HR NewsManaging/Leadership

March 1, 2021
U.S. Soccer council member removed after controversial speech

Diversity & InclusionNewsCultureGlobal HR News

February 26, 2021
New York Times says it needs culture change, better inclusion

Diversity & InclusionNewsRecruitment

February 24, 2021
Film board hiring new execs to lead anti-racist practices, forge ties with Indigenous groups

Diversity & InclusionNewsManaging/LeadershipSexual Harassment

February 23, 2021
Mariners CEO Mather resigns after derogatory remarks surface

Diversity & InclusionFeatures

February 17, 2021
Changing of the guard

Diversity & InclusionNews

February 16, 2021
Raptors’ Ujiri says fight for equality will continue outside of courts

Diversity & InclusionNewsBullyingCulture

February 12, 2021
Museum must ask ‘hard questions’ after toxic workplace reports: chair

Diversity & InclusionNews

February 11, 2021
Premier ‘alarmed’ by allegations; anti-racism law promised in B.C.

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsFeaturesLegal

February 9, 2021
No employer too small to avoid glare of social media