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Workplace LegislationNewsLegislationWorking Remotely

December 2, 2021
Ontario government passes Working for Workers Act, 2021

Workplace LegislationColumns/BlogsFeaturesBullyingSexual HarassmentWorkplace Violence

March 3, 2021
Bill C-65: Importance of violence and harassment risk assessment

Workplace LegislationFeaturesAccommodation/Return-to-workHealth & SafetyWorking Remotely

February 26, 2021
Could Canadian workers soon have the right to remote work?

Workplace LegislationColumns/BlogsFeaturesBullyingSexual HarassmentWorkplace Violence

February 24, 2021
Outlining new requirements of a violence and harassment policy

Workplace LegislationColumns/BlogsFeaturesLegalTerminations/Wrongful Dismissal

February 18, 2021
To terminate, or not to terminate, that is the most confusing COVID-19 question

Workplace LegislationColumns/BlogsFeaturesBullyingSexual HarassmentWorkplace Violence

February 18, 2021
Bill C-65 is now law: Do you have the right resolution processes?

Workplace LegislationColumns/BlogsFeaturesBullyingSexual HarassmentWorkplace Violence

February 10, 2021
New federal rules on violence, harassment in effect: Are you compliant?

Workplace LegislationColumns/BlogsFeaturesLegalRecruitment

December 21, 2020
Non-competition agreements: When less is more

Workplace LegislationColumns/BlogsFeaturesHealth & SafetyLegal

November 30, 2020
Is it a work refusal or job-protected leave?

Workplace LegislationColumns/BlogsFeaturesJob CutsLegal

November 9, 2020
Navigating bad-faith layoffs in the COVID-19 era

Workplace LegislationColumns/BlogsFeaturesLegalWorking Remotely

November 2, 2020
Enforcing work standards in the digital era

Workplace LegislationNewsCompensationHealth & Safety

July 15, 2020
B.C. proposes changes to workers’ compensation system

Workplace LegislationNewsDiversity & Inclusion

June 16, 2020
U.S. Supreme Court says gay, transgender workers protected by law

Workplace LegislationFeaturesLegislation

December 23, 2019
Expert panel unveils 39 recommendations to modernize Canada Labour Code

Workplace LegislationNews

November 21, 2019
Alberta overhauls workplace rules for farms, small operations to be exempt

Workplace LegislationNewsCompensationLabour Relations

October 29, 2019
Alberta introduces bill affecting pay rules for doctors, public sector workers