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June 6, 2022
New pandemic bonus: double rebates for smaller businesses enrolled in WSIB Health and Safety Excellence program

Benefits & PensionsNewsCompensationEmployee ActivismPay Equity

June 6, 2022
Canada’s men’s soccer team withdrew from World Cup warmup match over wage, benefits dispute

Benefits & PensionsFeatures

June 2, 2022
Strong retirement programs can be a real differentiator for employers

Benefits & PensionsNewsEconomyPolitics

May 16, 2022
Ontario NDP, Liberals eye four-day work weeks in proposed pilot projects

Benefits & PensionsFeaturesOffbeat Workplace News

May 12, 2022
Caution: Puppies at work – some employers embracing pets in the office

Benefits & PensionsNews

May 10, 2022
Some cities will not have child-care fees by end of year, study finds

Benefits & PensionsNews

April 25, 2022
Alberta plans to expand bereavement leave to cover miscarriages, stillbirths

Benefits & PensionsNewsHealth & Safety

April 21, 2022
Ontario PCs exploring raising injured workers’ compensation if re-elected

Benefits & PensionsNews

April 18, 2022
Nova Scotia’s COVID-19 paid sick leave program extended

Benefits & PensionsNewsFederal and Provincial Budgets

April 11, 2022
Ottawa has committed $5.3 billion to dental care: What comes next?

Benefits & PensionsNews

March 16, 2022
Working from home led to increase in fertility treatments during pandemic

Benefits & PensionsNews

February 25, 2022
Federal labour minister set to nudge provinces, territories on paid sick leave

Benefits & PensionsNewsHealth & Safety

February 25, 2022
Labour minister set to nudge provinces, territories on paid sick leave

Benefits & PensionsColumns/BlogsFeaturesLegal

February 24, 2022
Turning a blind eye? Employees cannot escape terms of employment agreements

Sponsored Benefits & PensionsFeaturesFuture of WorkLegalMental HealthWorking Remotely

February 10, 2022
Work Reimagined:
Employee benefits for the hybrid workplace

Benefits & PensionsNewsFuture of Work

February 3, 2022
Ontario designing ‘portable benefits’ plan for workers who don’t have coverage

Benefits & PensionsNewsChild/Elder CarePolitics

January 12, 2022
As EI review begins in Canada, businesses look for rethink of parental leave

Benefits & PensionsFeaturesCompensationPolitics

December 30, 2021
Why CPP premiums are getting a bigger bump than planned

Benefits & PensionsFeatures

November 16, 2021
Study: Canadian workplace health benefits critical for employee retention

Benefits & PensionsNews

November 16, 2021
‘Retirement-first’ approach to benefits key to attracting talent for recovery: Report

Benefits & PensionsNewsDiversity & Inclusion

November 11, 2021
Health insurer unveils new benefit to assist members in transitioning journey

Benefits & PensionsNewsCompensationEconomy

November 11, 2021
Survey: Small businesses boost wages, extend employee perks to fill talent gap

Benefits & PensionsFeaturesCompensationHealth & SafetyPolitics

October 25, 2021
Internal government analysis shows depth of reliance on now-defunct recovery benefit

Benefits & PensionsNews

October 22, 2021
Diva adds paid menstrual leave to employee benefits package

Benefits & PensionsNews

October 21, 2021
Ottawa planning new ‘lockdown benefit’ to provide income during public-health shutdowns

Benefits & PensionsNews

October 20, 2021
Health experts call on Ottawa to legislate 10 paid sick days

Benefits & PensionsNews

October 14, 2021
Employer medical benefit costs expected to grow 7 per cent in 2022: survey

Sponsored Benefits & PensionsNewsMental HealthYoung Workers

October 7, 2021
Rethinking benefits for young workers

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