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TELUS Health, Clinia join forces to ‘transform health navigation and personalize care’

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January 11, 2024
By Talent Canada

The TELUS logo on an office building in downtown Toronto. Photo: Adobe Stock

TELUS Health has announced a strategic partnership with Clinia, a provider of health-grade search technologies, to “revolutionize health navigation and deliver personalized care throughout individuals’ health journeys.”

By harnessing Clinia’s AI-powered technology stack, TELUS Health said it aims to streamline provider registry networks management, facilitate seamless interconnectivity and drive improved cost sustainability for payors and providers, eliminating the problems associated with traditional provider registry networks.

“The overwhelming amount of health information available online can be incredibly time consuming to navigate for both payors and individuals here in Canada, and globally,” said Martin Bélanger, managing director, payor and provider solutions at TELUS Health. “We are investing in advanced technology to provide a more direct and personalized service that will empower individuals through better access to care and more highly customized recommendations based on their personal health needs. This innovative approach will also enable our pay-vider stakeholders to deploy efficient solutions at scale, ensuring widespread benefits for all.”

Turnkey solutions

With the combined TELUS Health and Clinia infrastructure, time and effort spent on administrative tasks and manual data entry is optimized through turnkey solutions for their provider registry, allowing more effective allocation of resources, it said.


This solution eliminates the problems associated with traditional provider registry networks, which are expensive to maintain yet don’t give connected and complete information. Now, payors can leverage a complete single solution to power their own trusted experiences, including referrals and resource management for care teams, and give members direct access to vetted care providers that are personalized to the benefits plan of an employer or individual.

“By leveraging Clinia’s Health-grade Search stack to supercharge Canada’s leading provider network, adjudication and pharmacy solutions, TELUS Health’s offerings will now be even further ahead,” said Simon Bédard, CEO and Co-founder, Clinia. “TELUS Health already owns key services and solutions that are essential to building a unified and seamless health journey. Our technology will support them to create connected provider ecosystems that enable payors worldwide to enhance their services, all while empowering more impactful healthcare journeys for individuals and communities.”

TELUS Ventures, the strategic investment arm of TELUS Corporation, is leading a $10 million Series A financing round for Clinia with participation from existing investors including AQC Capital, Anges Québec, Groupe Benoit, Kastello and Formentera Capital.

“In addition to the benefits for pay-viders, we are also excited to leverage this partnership to realize untapped opportunities and value creation for both our Electronic Medical Records and Pharmacy Solutions customers driving even further optimization within the ecosystem,” said Bélanger.

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