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Gig EconomyGlobal HR News

January 9, 2024
New labour rules in U.S. aim to offer gig workers more security, though some employers won’t likely be happy

Gig EconomyGlobal HR News

December 13, 2023
New EU gig worker rules will sort out who should get the benefits of full-time employees

Gig EconomyGlobal HR News

November 22, 2023
Deliveroo riders aren’t entitled to collective bargaining rights, U.K. court says

Gig EconomyFeaturesLegislation

November 20, 2023
B.C. to revamp workplace laws to safeguard gig economy workers, including minimum wage and tip protection

Gig EconomyGlobal HR News

September 7, 2023
Online gig work is growing rapidly, but workers lack job protections, a World Bank report says

Gig EconomyNews

August 4, 2023
B.C. seeks input on better working conditions for gig workers, citing low and unpredictable pay and worker safety

Gig EconomyNewsHealth & SafetyWorkplace Violence

July 18, 2023
Food delivery driver dies after violent carjacking, police investigate

Gig EconomyGlobal HR News

July 7, 2023
Food delivery services sue NYC over minimum pay rates for app based workers

Gig EconomyFeatures

April 12, 2023
B.C. government report finds gig workers concerned about low earnings, job security

Gig EconomyNewsLabour Relations

January 23, 2023
UFCW Canada provided services to almost 800 Uber workers last year: Uber

Gig EconomyFeaturesBenefits & Pensions

January 10, 2023
Uber public policy head wants Ontario to move ‘faster and further’ on gig economy

Gig EconomyNews

December 6, 2022
Canadians look to side hustles to make up for inflation pressure, but at what cost?

Gig EconomyNews

October 28, 2022
B.C. holding roundtables with gig economy workers as it mulls legislative changes

Gig EconomyGlobal HR News

October 12, 2022
Labour proposal could upend rules for gig workers, companies in U.S.

Gig EconomyNewsLabour Relations

September 30, 2022
Uber files to dismiss complaint by CUPW at Ontario Labour Relations Board

Gig EconomyNewsBenefits & PensionsLegislation

September 27, 2022
Ontario wants feedback on portable benefits plan for precarious workers

Gig EconomyNewsLabour Relations

September 19, 2022
CUPW files unfair labour practices complaint with OLRB against Uber

Gig EconomyNewsJob Cuts

September 12, 2022
Online food delivery business Skip The Dishes lays off about 350 employees

Gig EconomyFeaturesSexual Harassment

July 7, 2022
Delay and deflect: How women gig workers respond to sexual harassment

Gig EconomyNews

March 3, 2022
Uber plans to appeal Ontario court ruling that found courier was an employee

Gig EconomyFeatures

February 28, 2022
Ontario mandating minimum wage for gig economy workers

Gig EconomyNews

December 10, 2021
Give gig workers more rights, transparency, benefits, Ontario committee recommends

Gig EconomyNews

December 9, 2021
Give gig workers more rights, transparency, benefits, Ontario committee recommends

Gig EconomyNewsLegislation

October 20, 2021
Ontario law to require businesses to open washrooms to delivery drivers

Gig EconomyColumns/BlogsFeaturesLegalLegislation

September 9, 2021
The quest to become employees: Unpacking the class action against Uber

Gig EconomyColumns/BlogsFeaturesPolitics

September 3, 2021
Let’s not forget about precarious work in this election, and beyond

Gig EconomyColumns/BlogsFeatures

August 16, 2021
6 challenges of being a gig worker through COVID-19

Gig EconomyNewsLegal

August 13, 2021
Ontario court certifies class action against Uber in fight for employment status