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LegalFeaturesWorkplace Investigations

May 17, 2023
Labour board dismisses employee’s workplace investigation appeal

LegalNewsDiversity & Inclusion

May 12, 2023
Federal, Nunavut governments’ Inuit employment plans not meeting promises: arbitrator


May 3, 2023
Failure to vaccinate may be frustration of contract: Court weighs in on mandatory policies


April 24, 2023
B.C. court decision a ‘significant win’ for parental rights, commissioner says


April 24, 2023
Delays continue to plague B.C. workers struggling to access justice


April 20, 2023
Moral damages and mitigation: Employer faces the consequences of its conduct


April 19, 2023
Google ordered to pay $500,000 to Montrealer over links to post calling him pedophile


April 13, 2023
‘Attempt to silence’: Ontario court takes dim view of employer’s $150 million wrongful dismissal counterclaim

LegalNewsLabour Relations

April 6, 2023
Former OPSEU vice president countersues union, denies breaching any fiduciary duty

LegalGlobal HR News

April 4, 2023
Union Pacific sued after firing rail worker on medical leave


April 4, 2023
Construction company in Saskatchewan fined for failing to pay wages

LegalColumns/BlogsFeaturesMental Health

April 3, 2023
Forwarded work emails lead to psychological injury, approved WCB claim

LegalGlobal HR NewsLabour Relations

March 28, 2023
Chipotle agrees to pay $240,000 to workers after closing Maine store that sought union

LegalNewsHuman Rights

March 27, 2023
B.C. tribunal orders $9,755 payout to taxi driver over caste based discrimination

LegalFeaturesWorkplace Violence

March 22, 2023
GM granted court injunction after former worker repeatedly tries to enter Oshawa Assembly Plant

LegalNewsHuman Rights

March 17, 2023
Government finds discrimination at Canadian Human Rights Commission, union says

LegalFeaturesWorking Remotely

March 14, 2023
Ontario tightening rules around mass layoffs to protect remote workers

LegalNewsRecruitmentWorking Remotely

March 13, 2023
Privacy considerations for virtual hiring: A look at the OPC’s advice to employers


March 9, 2023
Ugly lessons from a beauty salon: How not to roll out new employment agreements


March 8, 2023
Nova Scotia court quashes hospital CEO’s conviction for expense fraud, calls for new trial


March 6, 2023
Competition Act amendments will prohibit no-poach, wage-fixing agreements across Canada


March 6, 2023
Judge refuses to award legal fees to employee for wasting court’s time, resources


February 27, 2023
The courts are alright: Just cause alive and well in Canadian employment law


February 23, 2023
Police arrest store clerk accused of stealing $80,000 in scratch lottery tickets, prizes


February 21, 2023
Judge rules dismissal of unvaxxed Newfoundland town councillor unfair, gives job back


February 21, 2023
Multiple pay equity plans: First decision released granting – and denying – an employer request


February 17, 2023
Fired New Brunswick hospital CEO awarded $2 million, including damages for manner of dismissal

LegalFeaturesSexual Harassment

February 8, 2023
New Brunswick offers free legal advice to workers on sexual harassment

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