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LegalNewsBullyingSexual HarassmentWorkplace Investigations

January 13, 2022
Mounties urge Supreme Court to allow class action on bullying to proceed

LegalColumns/BlogsFeaturesCompensationHealth & Safety

January 13, 2022
Federal Court rules that mandatory vaccination policies do not ‘force’ employees to get vaccinated

LegalFeaturesHealth & Safety

January 3, 2022
No ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to vaccine mandates at work: experts

LegalColumns/BlogsFeaturesHealth & Safety

December 22, 2021
How COVID-19 impacted employment law in 2021

LegalColumns/BlogsFeaturesSexual HarassmentTerminations/Wrongful DismissalWorkplace Investigations

December 15, 2021
Employee terminated for just cause after refusing to apologize for lewd comments

LegalNewsSexual HarassmentTerminations/Wrongful Dismissal

December 3, 2021
Alberta premier’s office counters lawsuit filed by former employee

LegalColumns/BlogsFeaturesTerminations/Wrongful Dismissal

December 2, 2021
B.C. employer learns that COVID-19 has not ‘frustrated’ all contracts


November 8, 2021
Fraud trial of former N.S. hospital CEO to focus on travel expenses: Crown


November 4, 2021
Employers regain some power in wake of Waksdale


November 3, 2021
B.C. auditor calls for better fraud risk measures at public sector organizations


October 22, 2021
Workers who resist vaccine mandates may not be eligible for EI, according to feds


October 21, 2021
Employers beware: Workplace harassment can lead to constructive dismissal claim


October 18, 2021
Court reduces cost award in ‘close call’ wrongful dismissal case that employer won

LegalNewsBullyingGlobal HR NewsSexual Harassment

October 13, 2021
Runner sues ex-coach, Nike for millions over alleged abuse

LegalNewsHealth & SafetyTerminations/Wrongful Dismissal

October 7, 2021
Canada faces wave of terminations as vaccine mandates take effect: Lawyer

LegalColumns/BlogsFeaturesAccommodation/Return-to-workHuman RightsMental Health

October 5, 2021
Considering repercussions of the mental health pandemic

LegalNewsDiversity & InclusionGlobal HR News

October 5, 2021
Black ex-Tesla worker who claimed racial abuse awarded US$137M

LegalColumns/BlogsFeaturesHealth & SafetyTerminations/Wrongful Dismissal

September 24, 2021
Is refusing a COVID-19 vaccine just cause for termination?


September 21, 2021
Third class action certified against Aviva over COVID-19 coverage for lost business

LegalNewsGlobal HR NewsHealth & Safety

September 16, 2021
As vaccine mandates rise in U.S., requests for religious exemptions grow

LegalNewsGlobal HR NewsHealth & Safety

September 13, 2021
Biden’s vaccine rules to set off barrage of legal challenges

LegalColumns/BlogsFeaturesGig EconomyLegislation

September 9, 2021
The quest to become employees: Unpacking the class action against Uber

LegalColumns/BlogsFeaturesHealth & Safety

August 24, 2021
Workplace vaccine mandates require delicate balance

LegalNewsHealth & Safety

August 23, 2021
‘We’re continuing to watch’: N.B. cities looking at vaccine mandate for employees


August 20, 2021
Majority of small and medium sized businesses support vaccine mandates, survey finds

LegalColumns/BlogsFeaturesTerminations/Wrongful Dismissal

August 16, 2021
Recent court cases provide cautionary tales to employers

LegalNewsBullyingPoliticsSexual Harassment

August 13, 2021
Battle between Liberals, admiral heats up as cabinet orders McDonald to stay on leave

LegalNewsGig Economy

August 13, 2021
Ontario court certifies class action against Uber in fight for employment status

LegalNewsBullyingCultureSexual Harassment

August 12, 2021
Admiral McDonald plans to return as defence chief after misconduct probe: lawyers

LegalNewsDiversity & InclusionHuman RightsTerminations/Wrongful Dismissal

August 11, 2021
Pastor fired after coming out as trans files lawsuit against Baptist church

LegalColumns/BlogsFeaturesBackground ScreeningHuman Rights

July 16, 2021
Legalities surrounding employee background checks may tighten

LegalNewsHealth & Safety

July 8, 2021
Ontario workplace screening modified to reflect impact of vaccination

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