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Young WorkersNewsRetention

December 11, 2023
Gen Z and Millennials seek agility, courage, and trust in workplaces: Nestlé Canada study

Young WorkersFeatures

November 21, 2023
Applications for 2024 Canada Summer Jobs now open, Ottawa aims to support 70,000 positions

Young WorkersGlobal HR News

September 11, 2023
A Minnesota meat processing plant that is accused of hiring minors agrees to pay $300K in penalties

Young WorkersNews

June 2, 2023
Ontario lowering minimum age to be a lifeguard to 15 to combat staffing shortage

Young WorkersNews

June 1, 2023
‘Earn while you learn:’ Co-op programs gain appeal amid rising cost of living

Young WorkersColumns/Blogs

May 30, 2023
Deaths of despair: How income inequality puts Canadian youth at risk

Young WorkersGlobal HR News

May 25, 2023
State lawmakers in U.S. want children to fill labour shortages, even in bars and on school nights

Young WorkersGlobal HR News

May 15, 2023
Child social media stars have few protections. Illinois aims to fix that

Young WorkersNews

May 3, 2023
Parliamentary internship program’s model grates against modern labour, tax rules

Young WorkersNews

April 17, 2023
Young Canadians faring well, earning more in today’s economy: Desjardins

Young WorkersNewsHealth & SafetyLegislation

March 30, 2023
Quebec children under 14 to be banned from working most jobs

Young WorkersNewsWorkplace Legislation

December 28, 2022
B.C.’s new age limits for certain occupations take effect on Jan. 1

Young WorkersNews

November 30, 2022
Employers can now apply for 2023 Canada Summer Jobs program to offset costs of hiring young workers

Young WorkersNewsRecruitment

November 2, 2022
Seasonal job postings soar, but employers may struggle to fill them, Indeed says

Young WorkersFeaturesEconomy

October 26, 2022
Labour shortage in manufacturing cost Canadian economy $13 billion: Report

Young WorkersColumns/BlogsRecruitment

October 12, 2022
How social sciences and humanities programs can prepare students for employment

Young WorkersFeatures

October 12, 2022
As Alberta campaigns to attract workers, economists say the competition is healthy

Young WorkersNewsImmigration

October 11, 2022
Canada to allow international students to work more hours due to labour shortage

Young WorkersColumns/Blogs

September 28, 2022
Canada needs to encourage more young people to pursue skilled trade jobs

Young WorkersNewsLabour Relations

September 6, 2022
Toronto Labour Day parade highlights how Gen Z is revitalizing the workers’ movement

Young WorkersFeaturesCompensationEconomy

July 28, 2022
Rising food, rent costs eat into young professionals’ disposable income

Young WorkersNewsDiversity & InclusionWorkforce Statistics

July 19, 2022
Closing employment gap for Indigenous youth key to addressing labour shortage: Study

Young WorkersNewsWorkforce Statistics

July 12, 2022
Canadian youth employment at three-year high in June

Young WorkersColumns/BlogsHealth & Safety

July 6, 2022
Youth are flooding workplaces: We have a duty to protect them

Young WorkersFeaturesBenefits & PensionsCompensation

June 22, 2022
Millennial and Gen Z populations expect employers to support their financial security and well being in the new world of work

Young WorkersNewsJob Creation

June 22, 2022
Labour shortage among lifeguards, swim instructors a province wide issue

Young WorkersNewsImmigration

April 28, 2022
Federal government will let international graduates stay in Canada another 18 months

Young WorkersNewsCompensation

March 23, 2022
Quebec students call for paid internships to mark anniversary of ‘Maple Spring’