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WEBINAR: Employee Onboarding

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September 29, 2021
Virtual Event

Your Guide to Building Engagement, Strengthening Retention and Enjoying Bottom-Line Benefits

One of today’s most important strategic processes for employers, regardless of size, is employee onboarding. For some companies, it’s about giving a new hire the tools needed to become a productive member of the team. For others, onboarding is the last stage of the recruitment process and the first step toward employee retention and integration with the company’s culture.

The core feelings of new employees toward the organizations they choose to join often take shape in the first days and months on the job.

This session will look at the bottom-line to onboarding. And why this critical window of time is too important to leave to chance.

By adopting the practices discussed, participants will take away:

  • The ins and outs of a vibrant onboarding program with reliable metrics in place to measure its impact on your business
  • The COVID-19 factor – There are now two types of onboarding experiences
  • Which onboarding mistakes to avoid – from the loss of exceptionally talented people to the hefty price tag it will take to replace them.
  • Onboarding is clearly a pivotal experience both for employers and new employees.

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Effective employee onboarding can result in higher engagement and job satisfaction, increased productivity and a lower stress level for everyone.

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