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Quebec home daycare workers vote 97.5 per cent in favour of April strike

March 9, 2020
By The Canadian Press

Unionized home daycare workers in Quebec have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a general strike as of April 1.

The union representing some 10,000 workers said today that its members voted 97.5 per cent in favour of the strike that would touch all regions of the province.

The union says pay is the main point of contention between the workers and Quebec’s family department.

The daycare educators are not paid by the hour, but rather receive a subsidy from the government to provide the service at home.


The union estimates that based on hours worked and expenses, the workers bring home the equivalent of $12.42 per hour, which they want to rise to $16.75.

The workers previously voted in January to open their daycares later on Fridays as a pressure tactic.

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