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EthicsGlobal HR News

February 6, 2024
70 arrests highlight corruption in nation’s largest public housing authority, U.S. Attorney says

EthicsGlobal HR News

January 30, 2024
Japanese officials raid a Toyota group plant after the company admitted cheating on engine testing

EthicsGlobal HR News

January 29, 2024
Prisoners in the U.S. are part of a hidden workforce linked to hundreds of popular food brands


January 25, 2024
Sutton-Québec president arrested on arson charges, allegedly against competitors

EthicsGlobal HR News

January 22, 2024
A pet cat thrown off a train died in cold weather. Now thousands want the conductor to lose her job

EthicsGlobal HR News

January 22, 2024
Japanese carmaker that faked safety tests sees long wait to reopen factories

EthicsGlobal HR News

January 10, 2024
German software giant SAP fined more than $220M to resolve US bribery allegations

EthicsNewsLearning & Development

December 13, 2023
PwC pays $1.45 million in fines to CPA Ontario after staff shared answers during training assessments


December 11, 2023
Forced labour watchdog opens probe against Guess over possible Uyghur slave labour

EthicsGlobal HR News

December 4, 2023
Ex-correctional officer at federal prison in California gets 5 years for sexually abusing inmates


November 21, 2023
Nova Scotia launches whistleblower tool to report fraud, suspicious financial activity for government-funded organizations

EthicsColumns/BlogsCorporate Social Responsibility

November 7, 2023
How Canadian companies can use tech to identify forced labour in their supply chains

EthicsFeaturesDiversity & Inclusion

October 12, 2023
Air Canada pilot’s ‘unacceptable’ posts against Israel result in job loss

EthicsNewsCorporate Social Responsibility

September 20, 2023
Corporate ethics czar investigating Levi Strauss over alleged links to forced labour


September 19, 2023
Watchdog finds mismanagement, ‘disturbing’ lack of disclosure at Defence Department


August 24, 2023
Corporate ethics czar opens forced labour probes against Walmart, Hugo Boss, Diesel

EthicsFeaturesCorporate Social Responsibility

August 22, 2023
From pariahs to protectors: The evolution of how employers are treating whistleblowers

EthicsGlobal HR News

July 19, 2023
Former Nebraska State Patrol worker who stole drugs from evidence gets nearly 22 years


July 12, 2023
The ethics of recruiting international health-care workers: Canada’s gains could mean another country’s pain

EthicsFeaturesCorporate Social Responsibility

July 12, 2023
Canada’s corporate ethics czar launches forced labour probes into Nike, Dynasty Gold in China


July 11, 2023
The ethical values and behaviours of CEOs play a crucial role in attracting new talent

EthicsGlobal HR News

July 4, 2023
Ex-chemical safety agency chief in U.S. misused $90K on trips, renovations and other expenses, watchdog says


May 15, 2023
Janice Abbott, embattled CEO of B.C. housing operator Atira, resigns after audit

EthicsGlobal HR NewsSexual Harassment

May 8, 2023
Former Ohio Lottery director conduct toward staff found improper

EthicsNewsOffbeat Workplace NewsSexual Harassment

May 5, 2023
Former John Howard Society worker in N.L. accused of demanding sex for urine test

EthicsGlobal HR News

April 28, 2023
BBC chief quits amid furor over role in Boris Johnson loan


April 10, 2023
Liberals pledge revamp of forced labour bill, possible enforcement rules surprise MP

EthicsNewsDiversity & Inclusion

March 30, 2023
ESG reporting expectations on suppliers growing, including diversity in hiring: BDC