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195 million jobs could be lost in Q2 globally due to COVID-19: UN

Full, partial lockdowns affecting 2.7 billion workers - or 81 per cent of global workforce

Photo: Samara Heisz/Getty Images

The U.N.’s labour organization estimates the equivalent of 195 million full-time jobs could be lost in the second quarter alone from the COVID-19 outbreak, with businesses and plants shuttered worldwide.

The projection from the International Labor Organization is based on an emerging impact of the virus, and it amounts to a big increase from its March 18 prediction for an extra 25 million jobs losses for all of 2020.

ILO Director-General Guy Ryder says, “These figures speak powerfully for themselves: That the world of work is suffering an absolutely extraordinary fall.”

The agency says full or partial lockdown measures now affect nearly 2.7 billion workers or about 81 per cent of the global workforce.


Some 1.25 billion are in hard-hit sectors like hotel and food services, manufacturing and retail.