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Todd Humber is a group publisher with Annex Business Media and an award-winning journalist.


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FeaturesCultureMental Health

November 22, 2022
No calculator necessary: ROI for mental health everywhere, says Alberta Municipalities head of HR


November 17, 2022
Why Musk’s ultimatum to Twitter employees won’t fly in Canada

FeaturesCultureEmployee Wellness

November 14, 2022
A culture of health: How can you tell programs are working?

Columns/BlogsCultureManaging/LeadershipWorking Remotely

November 11, 2022
Musk seems to have forgotten the golden HR rule of acquisitions in his Twitter debacle

FeaturesCultureEmployee Wellness

November 7, 2022
Building a culture of health: Where do employers begin?

Columns/BlogsMental Health

November 7, 2022
There is a limited supply of tomorrows

FeaturesCorporate Social ResponsibilityEngagement

October 19, 2022
Scotiabank provides ‘Spark’ to ignite employees’ charitable giving

Columns/BlogsDiversity & InclusionHealth & Safety

October 18, 2022
Amazon safety leader unveils tactics to boost diversity, equity

FeaturesMental Health

October 4, 2022
Local governments are pressure cookers for staff: Town of Hinton finds mental health relief valve

Columns/BlogsBusiness TravelOffbeat Workplace News

October 3, 2022
Traffic is better, and worse, than before the pandemic


September 27, 2022
Canadian employers digging deep, with highest raises in two decades expected: Salary survey

FeaturesMental Health

September 20, 2022
Dejero’s long-term commitment to mental health paid big dividends during pandemic

FeaturesWorking Remotely

September 14, 2022
New York Times staff refuse to return to office, but employers can usually dictate where work is done: Lawyer

FeaturesEmployee Vacation

September 8, 2022
Queen’s passing might mean a national holiday in Canada

Columns/BlogsBusiness TravelEmployee VacationFuture of WorkWorking Remotely

September 6, 2022
Putting the ‘Work from Anywhere’ philosophy to the test in the land of Socrates

Columns/BlogsCultureEmployee ActivismRetention

August 30, 2022
‘Quiet Quitting’: A new label, not a new phenomenon

NewsBullyingWorkplace Violence

August 5, 2022
BC Housing CEO resigns, citing violence directed at him and community

Columns/BlogsFeaturesBullyingManaging/LeadershipMental Health

August 5, 2022
Big difference between bad bosses, psychological monsters

Columns/BlogsHealth & SafetyYoung Workers

July 6, 2022
Youth are flooding workplaces: We have a duty to protect them


May 24, 2022
Military members urged to contact Habitat for Humanity amid housing crisis

NewsHealth & Safety

May 16, 2022
Off with the mask: Quebec becomes last province to lift COVID-19 masking health order


April 29, 2022
Canadian companies expected to uphold ethical standards abroad under new strategy


April 26, 2022
Expansion on the horizon for Salt in the U.S. market – Toronto is next!

FeaturesHealth & Safety

April 11, 2022
The lifting of COVID-19 mandates and resulting impact on workplace policies


April 8, 2022
Steel-toed shoes, distracted workers and a safety lesson

NewsLabour Relations

March 17, 2022
Canadian Pacific Railway issues 72-hour lockout notice on Teamsters Canada


March 15, 2022
Is March Break really a break? Tips on recharging, connecting with children without a vacation

Columns/BlogsFeaturesCorporate Social Responsibility

March 9, 2022
Opinion: Staying silent not an option for employers, CEOs when it comes to the horror in Ukraine

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