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Alberta unveils sweeping anti-racism action plan

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July 22, 2022
By Talent Canada

Alberta is making changes to help new residents get their work qualifications recognized as part of a sweeping plan to tackle racism in the province.

The Anti-Racism Action Plan outlines actions that are designed to educate Albertans about the value of diversity, remove systemic barriers to accessing government programs and services, and ensure they have equal access to information, resources, services and opportunities.

“Over the past three years, Alberta’s government has shown a proven track record of dealing with racism, but there is still more to be done in order to end all forms of racism, discrimination and systemic racism once and for all. This action plan serves as a road map for our province to confront and take steps to eliminate racism to ensure Alberta is a free, fair and prosperous place for everyone,” said Kaycee Madu, Minister of Labour and Immigration.

As part of the plan, Alberta’s government will take steps to protect vulnerable groups from hate and discrimination, and empower communities to promote social inclusion, diversity and multiculturalism and cultivate social cohesion.


These actions build on recommendations received from the Alberta Anti-Racism Advisory Council and feedback from community groups across Alberta that are addressing racism.

Five themes

The actions outlined in the plan are grouped under five themes, which highlight broad areas where Alberta’s government plans to make progress toward building a more equitable and inclusive society. These themes include:

  • public education and cultural awareness
  • government as a catalyst for system improvements
  • empowering communities
  • responding to hate incidents and crime
  • data and measurement.

To make sure government actions are effective, the plan includes steps to measure progress. The Government of Alberta will continue to receive input from the Anti-Racism Advisory Council and work closely with racialized and Indigenous communities to better understand systemic challenges and how they can be addressed in the future, it said.

“A key aspect of newcomer prosperity is to actively work towards ending systemic racism,” said Anila Umar Lee Yuen, president and CEO, Centre for Newcomers. “Although our province requires a lot of work ahead, I am happy that the Government of Alberta is announcing the necessary steps to address racism. The recommendations from the Alberta Anti-Racism Advisory Council are foundational to creating the inclusive province all Black, Indigenous or persons of colour [BIPOC] Albertans deserve to have.”

Quick facts

The Alberta Anti-Racism Advisory Council was established to provide advice to the Alberta government on efforts to combat racism and promote more inclusive and accepting communities across Alberta.

Alberta’s government has begun work on a number of anti-racism initiatives, including:

  • establishing a hate crime liaison and a Hate Crimes Coordination Unit
  • formally recognizing First Nations policing under The Police Act
  • banning the practice of carding
  • introducing the Alberta Security Infrastructure Program
  • enacting the Fair Registrations Practices Act and creating the Fairness for Newcomers Office to help new Albertans get their qualifications recognized
  • developing an inclusive communications policy for government

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