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Minimum wage jumps 70 cents in Prince Edward Island

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April 4, 2022
By Talent Canada

Prince Edward Island’s minimum wage increased by 70 cents to $13.70 per hour on April 1, 2022.

The Employment Standards Board reviews minimum wage annually and provides their recommendation to government after the review is complete.

The minimum wage in the province has gradually increased each year, from $11.25 per hour in 2017. In 2021, it rose by 15 cents per hour to $13.

Board and lodging

The maximum amounts that may be deducted from the wages of an employee where the employer furnishes board and lodging are as follows:

  • Board and Lodging $61.60 per week
  • Board Only $49.50 per week
  • Lodging Only $27.50 per week
  • Single Meals $4.25 per meal

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