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Quebec’s minimum wage set to go up to $15.25 beginning Monday

May 1, 2023
The Canadian Press

Street scene of Petit Champlain district in Old Quebec City. Photo: Instant/Getty Images

Quebec’s minimum wage will rise by one dollar to $15.25 as of Monday.

The Quebec government says it is trying to improve the purchasing power of low-income earners and encourage participation in the labour market.

The province’s labour department says nearly 299,000 workers will benefit from the increase, including more than 164,000 women.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business, which represents small and medium-sized businesses, says it worries about the effect the new wage will have on its members, noting it comes on top of rising costs for electricity, raw materials and other expenses.


Meanwhile, a group dedicated to fighting poverty in the province says the increase isn’t sufficient given rampant inflation.

Virginie Lariviere says social and labour groups had been seeking $15 an hour as far back as 2016 and have been advocating for the minimum salary to be raised to $18 an hour over the past two years.

The increase from the current $14.25 wage is the largest percentage increase in the province’s minimum salary since 1995.

Minimum wage for those who earn tips will also rise by 80 cents to $12.20 per hour.

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