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Young Canadians are on the prowl for a new gig: Report

November 16, 2020
By Talent Canada Staff

Nearly seven out of 10 Canadian workers are looking for a new job or would consider a move if approached by another company.

And the retention fight could be even more fierce when it comes to young workers — 87 per cent of staff under the age of 30 are on the prowl for a new gig, according to new data from Ceridian’s Pulse of Talent report.

The report, which looked at data from across North America, found that Canadian workers are more likely than their U.S. counterparts to be seeking a change in scenery. Less than two-thirds of U.S. workers (64 per cent) are looking or open to a new job, and 75 per cent of American workers under 30 are doing the same.

It’s all putting employee experience into the spotlight, according to Susan Tohyama, chief human resources officer at Ceridian.


“The past year has thrust the future of work upon us, and with it comes an urgency to implement intelligent technologies that create value within this new reality,” she says. “Employee experience is no exception.”

“What was once a nice-to-have workplace perk is now inextricably tied to business resilience and sustainable growth.”

While pay remains important, engagement most important factor for retention

The report revealed that pay is the top factor (36 per cent) that entices talent to apply for a role, followed by good work life balance (18 per cent), and the overall work environment (13 per cent). However, when asked what was the most important factor that keeps people with an employer, engaging work topped the list.

Tohyama adds that while turnover is an expensive consequence of failing to invest in employee engagement, the impact to a company’s bottom line may be even greater. According to Gallup, organizations that are the best in engaging their employees achieve earnings-per-share growth that is more than four times that of their competitors.

How to create a modern employee experience

Ceridian offers the following tips to design a modern employee experience for the new world of work:

  • Reimagine pay: On-demand pay solutions offer employees the flexibility to access their wages as they earn and need them, helping to improve financial wellness, attract top talent, and drive engagement. The ability to get paid on-demand is quickly becoming a basic workplace requirement.
  • Leverage employee surveys to understand your people: Gather first-hand employee feedback at any time through quick pulse checks, or go deeper with quarterly or annual engagement surveys. As work from home becomes the norm, keeping a pulse on employee sentiment is increasingly important for global organizations.
  • Provide a modern employee experience: Provide a simple, modern experience for leaders and employees by using a central hub. Employees can take control of their own work experience and find the information and tools they need to be productive wherever they live and work.

About the survey

Nielsen conducted the Pulse of Talent research study via an online questionnaire, from Aug. 4 to 27, 2020, among 5,010 respondents, aged 18 plus across Canada, U.S., U.K. Australia and New Zealand who are members of Nielsen’s online panel. Results were weighted by respondents’ demographics based on census data to align with the proportions of the population.

To download the 2021 Pulse of Talent Report, visit Ceridian.com/resources/talent-management-strategies-pulse-of-talent-report

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