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Globalization Partners announces ‘notable advancements’ to its G-P Meridian Suite

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July 13, 2023
By Talent Canada

A screenshot of a webpage from G-P (Globalization Partners).

Globalization Partners (G-P), a firm specializing in helping employers hire workers globally, has announced what it called “notable advancements” across its G-P Meridian Suite.

Accessing global talent is crucial to modern business growth but the cost and complexity of building global teams can create barriers, it said in a press release. Businesses face additional challenges when deploying a contingent worker or contractor-based workforce strategy in many markets.

Unique regulations, legal requirements, and disparate systems for managing full-time employees and contractors can open a company to risk if not approached correctly and compliantly, it said.

“G-P is uniquely positioned to help organizations meet the demands of the everywhere workforce and compliantly enable their desired global growth outcomes,” said Nat (Rajesh) Natarajan, chief product and strategy officer, G-P. “Our commitment to delivering this kind of continuous innovation and improvement is designed to ensure that G-P Meridian Suite can power growth for our customers, delivering increased organizational efficiencies in hiring, onboarding and paying employees, no matter a company’s workforce model.”

New G-P Meridian Contractor fintech capabilities, self-service features and contract solutions deliver:

  • Expanded payment options. G-P’s new digital wallet and virtual debit card features make payments streamlined and transparent, whether customers need to pay a single contractor invoice or are making payments in batches.
  • Increased hiring velocity. G-P’s new self-serve workflow makes it faster and easier than ever before to compliantly manage contractors and contingent workers.
  • Improved productivity. G-P’s new contract features make it simple to extend contracts or make other amendments without having to create a new contract.

Additional new features were introduced across G-P Meridian Suite to support more efficient and compliant payment and business processes for companies everywhere, including expanded fintech capabilities in the G-P Meridian Core and G-P Meridian Prime Employer of Record packages and in-platform contract customizations in the proprietary Employment Contract Generator.

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