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Manitoba Blue Cross debuts new wellness plan from LifeSpeak featuring virtual fitness, well-being and caregiver support

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April 4, 2023
By Talent Canada

LifeSpeak, a wellbeing solution for employers, health plans and other organizations announced today that it has been selected by Manitoba Blue Cross to deliver virtual fitness, wellbeing support and caregiving resources to members through the organization’s new wellness plan, housed within its recently launched digital wellness platform.

LifeSpeak will deliver digital fitness and wellbeing support through its LIFT session solution, and caregiver support through its Torchlight solution, it said in a press release, The partnership will form part of a holistic package of resources offered by Manitoba Blue Cross to support whole mind and body.

“A long-time commitment to delivering health coverage and services that proactively support and advance the total wellbeing of the local community is what sets Manitoba Blue Cross apart from other carriers. With this partnership, Manitoba Blue Cross is embracing solutions that will fill the gaps between government health plans and what Manitobans actually want and need to address whole-person health,” said Michael Held, CEO and founder, LifeSpeak. “I applaud Manitoba Blue Cross for their ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions that help its members stay healthy, happy and productive.”

LIFT session is a digital fitness solution that helps organizations build a healthier and more engaged workforce through wellness challenges and mindfulness classes conducted in a live, virtual format or on-demand. Torchlight is a comprehensive caregiver support solution for organizations, health plans and other organizations that facilitates connections between families and top caregiving experts, both digitally and through one-on-one advising and concierge services.


Manitoba Blue Cross has been committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the province and its residents for nearly 50 years. LIFT session and Torchlight are now part of a wellness plan offering that supplements traditional Manitoba Blue Cross health plans and Manitoba Blue Cross’s unique home-grown Employee Assistance Program, which delivers support that is tailored to the needs of the community.

“We developed a wellness plan to address a broader spectrum of wellbeing. We feel LifeSpeak Inc.’s solutions, LIFT session and Torchlight, are ideal additions to this plan because they help strengthen physical and mental health and foster a sense of community,” says Brenda Slikker, Vice President and Chief Experience Officer, Manitoba Blue Cross. “This partnership gives our members access to industry-leading fitness tools and instruction, as well as resources that will support the growing number of individuals who provide care for a loved one. And because both are virtual solutions, they will benefit members no matter where they are.”

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