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Manitoba’s minimum wage will jump twice this year, rising to $15.30 by October

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March 22, 2023
By Talent Canada

The Golden Boy perched on top of the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg. Photo courtesy Government of Manitoba.

Manitoba’s minimum wage is set to climb twice in 2023 — on April 1 and Oct. 1.

By October, workers earning minimum wage will be making $3.35 more per hour than they were in September 2022, Labour and Immigration Minister Jon Reyes announced today.

“Recognizing the exceptional financial challenges facing Manitobans, our government passed legislative amendments to the Employment Standards Code that, in prescribed circumstances, allow minimum wage to be increased by an additional amount above the legislated inflation-tied formula,” said Reyes. “To balance the financial realities of Manitoba workers and the economic challenges for small businesses, we implemented a phased-in approach that will help more Manitobans get ahead.”

Rising wages

The increases started with a $1.55 increase to $13.50 on Oct. 1, 2022, to be followed by a 65 cent increase to $14.15 on April 1 and now a further $1.15 annual increase on Oct. 1 to $15.30. These increases project Manitoba to be top three in provincial minimum wages, the government said.


The minister noted the legislated inflation-tied formula ensures minimum wage is tied to economic indicators to maintain purchasing power, stability and predictability for businesses.

Supporting small business

Following the Oct. 1, 2022, minimum wage increase, the Manitoba government implemented the Small Business Minimum Wage Adjustment Program to support small businesses.

The program’s eligibility has recently expanded to include seasonal (summer) employees, and the application and submission process has been streamlined to allow eligible small businesses to make a single online application to receive a one-time lump sum payment, it said. The program is available until March 31, said Reyes.

For more information on the Small Business Minimum Wage Adjustment Program, visit https://gov.mb.ca/jec/busdev/financial/sbwa/index.html.

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