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Most organizations are looking to ban generative AI: Blackberry

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August 8, 2023
By Talent Canada

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Three-quarters (75%) of organizations worldwide are currently implementing or considering bans on ChatGPT and other generative AI applications in the workplace, according to a survey from Blackberry.

It found that 61% of those deploying or considering bans said the measures are intended as long term or permanent, with risks to data security, privacy, and corporate reputation driving decisions to take action. A majority (83%) also voiced concerns that unsecured apps pose a cybersecurity threat to their corporate IT environment.

Despite their inclination towards outright bans, the majority also recognize the opportunity for generative AI applications in the workplace to increase efficiency (55%) and innovation (52%), and enhance creativity (51%), it said.

When it comes to using generative AI tools for cybersecurity defense, the majority of respondents (81%) remained in favour, suggesting that IT decision makers don’t want to be caught flat-footed and give cyber criminals the upper hand, it said in a press release.


“Banning generative AI applications in the workplace can mean a wealth of potential business benefits are quashed,” said Shishir Singh, chief technology officer, cybersecurity at Blackberry. “As platforms mature and regulations take effect, flexibility could be introduced into organizational policies. The key will be in having the right tools in place for visibility, monitoring and management of applications used in the workplace.”

The research also revealed that although 80% of IT decision makers agree that organizations are within their rights to control the applications that employees use for business purposes, 74% think that such bans signal “excessive control” over corporate and BYO devices.

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