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Rethinking benefits for young workers

There’s no question – the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased individual needs around mental health.

Younger workers are prioritizing their health and wellness, which in turn places higher expectations on employer benefits.

And with a surge of Canadians leaving their jobs as a result of dissatisfaction in recent months, how can employers ensure their benefits plans are evolving to be competitive in a hot job market?

Julie Gaudry, Head of Group Benefits at RBC Insurance, joined the Talent Show podcast in September to discuss a recent survey RBC Insurance conducted on this issue.

In this episode, Gaudry comments on:

  • how employers can best keep up with the changing needs of a younger workforce
  • what specific elements of a benefits plan are of most value to young workers
  • how employers can shift their benefits offerings, according to the needs of their staff
  • current considerations for plan sponsors around employee well-being and mental health
  • benefits tips for employers to consider to improve recruitment and retention.
This episode was sponsored by RBC Insurance. To learn more, visit rbcinsurance.com/group-benefits.