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VidCruiter acquires Ingage Solutions, AI interview intelligence technology founded at Stanford University

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June 20, 2023
By Talent Canada

VidCruiter Inc. acquires Ingage Solutions interview intelligence platform. (CNW Group/VidCruiter)

VidCruiter, an interviewing platform used by Fortune 500 companies, national governments, and international organizations, has acquired AI-startup Ingage Solutions.

The acquisition increases VidCruiter’s interview intelligence technologies by expanding its video interviewing platform’s real-time intelligence engine. Ingage’s ethical AI technology will improve interview performance, reduce the impact of bias, and contribute to more equitable hiring practices ensuring leading firms can better identify top talent faster, it said in a press release.

Ingage was founded by Jamal Madni and Matt Davis at Stanford University. Both individuals had been researching virtual meeting technology prior to the gathering restrictions in 2020 and were asked to guide Stanford University’s transition to online learning. Following this success, the team shifted focus towards real-time interview intelligence. Ingage successfully developed a deep integration with Microsoft’s internal APIs, reaching a milestone as the only interview intelligence solution to fully integrate with Microsoft Teams, it said.

Ingage is built on adaptive AI and ML models to understand the interview process and interviewer patterns. As an adaptive AI, Ingage provides informed advice to improve interview performance. Real-time analysis and moderation to enrich the interview experience by guiding the interviewer to maintain best practices, reducing the influence of bias and interviewer behavior on the interview outcomes. This improves the predictive validity of a successful hire, creates an experience that is appealing to top talent, and better normalizes candidates for a more equitable evaluation, it said.


“Were you interrupted more than someone of a different gender? Did you get less air time than someone of a different race? Making air time equal means hiring managers aren’t giving less time to one group over another. This feature leverages AI to ensure candidates have an equitable interview experience,” said Davis.

VidCruiter CEO Sean Fahey commented, “We’re thrilled to fold Ingage’s industry-leading tech into VidCruiter. There’s a lot of talk in the recruiting space about interview intelligence, but not all intelligence is created equal. Ingage has built something unique that can have resonance beyond the interview. We’re confident this will keep VidCruiter at the forefront of building the right tech used the right way.”

Jamal added, “VidCruiter is doing something special. The more we learned about the mission and platform, the more we realized this is Ingage’s ideal home.”

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