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‘Let’s go get both’: Welcome to Talent Canada

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December 12, 2019
By Todd Humber

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Why hello there, senior leader. Have you heard the latest trend in human resources…

Wait, wait, wait.

Don’t close this window. We have a critical business story to tell you, so indulge us for a moment.

During last year’s NBA championship run, Nick Nurse – head coach of the Toronto Raptors – shared a post-game speech he gave in the finals following a game two loss to the Golden State Warriors.


“I said in the locker room, trying not to make them feel so bad that we just lost a home game in the finals, I was like ‘All we’ve gotta do is go (on the road and) get one,” he said. “And Kawhi (Leonard) said ‘Expletive that, let’s go get both.”

Well, Kawhi didn’t say expletive. Nurse cleaned his language up for the press.

Kawhi’s missive sums up the strategy behind Talent Canada – you can invest heavily in people and have a healthier bottom line.

This isn’t your parent’s HR publication. It starts with one simple premise – people matter, more than anything else in your organization.

If you believe that, and invest in the employee experience, your organization will thrive. That’s the mandate of Canada’s newest magazine and information source  – to educate senior business leaders about all the great things that happen when you truly understand your most valuable asset walks out the door every single day.

It starts with an incredible list. Annex Business Media, publishers of Talent Canada, have a comprehensive, CASL-compliant email list of nearly 400,000 professionals. They come from all industries – with more than 65 brands and a history of providing engaging content, we have built up an engaged audience that trusts us.

We went through that list to identify more than 65,000 senior professionals – all C-suite level leaders – to educate on the critical importance of investing in people.

In the coming weeks and months, we will peel back the boardroom doors of some of the most successful organizations in the world to reveal what works – and doesn’t – when it comes to finding, retaining and engaging the best employees.

This publication is necessary. That’s a bold statement, but one we firmly stand behind – the benefits to any workplace, and to society as a whole, of getting the most out of our people is immeasurable.

Companies with a great culture have soaring productivity, reduced turnover, more innovation and higher profits. This isn’t opinion, it’s not a theory hastily scribbled on a white board by an overpaid consultant. It’s a fact.

Organizations can have everything. A great culture is not an either/or proposition – treating employees well leads to happier customers. And happier customers translate to happy stockholders and owners.

Good employee practices or a healthy bottom line?

Expletive that, let’s go for both.

We invite you to come with us on this journey – senior leaders, C-suite and yes HR professionals as we help build stronger organizations through best practices.

Todd Humber is a group publisher with Annex Business Media and the launch editor for Talent Canada. He can be reached at thumber@annexbusinessmedia.com or (416) 510-5248.

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