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Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsFeaturesMental HealthRetention

February 3, 2020
Memo to employers: Don’t fear workers with MS

Diversity & InclusionNewsWorkforce Statistics

January 28, 2020
Only 18.1 per cent of board directors are women: Statistics Canada

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsFeaturesMental Health

January 17, 2020
The NHL’s culture problems have policy solutions

Diversity & InclusionColumns/BlogsManaging/Leadership

January 14, 2020
The immortal – and false – myth of the workplace Queen Bee

Diversity & InclusionNewsRecruitment

January 14, 2020
RCMP changed date for accepting applications for promotion: The impact was extraordinary

Diversity & InclusionNewsPay Equity

January 10, 2020
Female journalist wins pay discrimination case against BBC

Diversity & InclusionColumns/Blogs

January 9, 2020
Black coaching hires still at dismal level in NFL

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesYoung Workers

January 9, 2020
Builders and dreamers: How young women are bridging the STEM skills gap

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesManaging/Leadership

January 6, 2020
Why do leaders have stronger feelings of inclusion than employees?

Diversity & InclusionNewsLegal

December 31, 2019
34 correction officer trainees who gave Nazi salute fired in West Virginia

Diversity & InclusionNewsAccommodation/Return-to-work

December 23, 2019
Ontario NDP calls for Sikh paramedics to be exempt from wearing certain helmets

Diversity & InclusionNewsCorporate Social Responsibility

December 16, 2019
Hallmark Channel reverses ‘wrong decision’ on ads featuring same-sex couples

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesBullyingMental Health

December 12, 2019
Hockey’s day of reckoning: Last stand for locker-room mentality

Diversity & InclusionNewsHR News

December 5, 2019
Women entrepreneurs less likely to apply for loans than men – but are more likely to be approved: Survey

Diversity & InclusionFeaturesManaging/LeadershipWorkplace Violence

December 4, 2019
Women in engineering: Barriers remain 30 years after ecole Polytechnique shooting

Diversity & InclusionNewsCompensation

December 2, 2019
Curling Canada announces pay equity for Brier and Scotties champions

Diversity & InclusionNewsLegislation

November 29, 2019
Ontario premier ‘totally’ disagrees with Quebec’s religious symbols law

Diversity & InclusionNewsBullyingWorkplace Violence

November 29, 2019
Head coach of Calgary Flames resigns following allegations of racial slurs, physical abuse

Diversity & InclusionNewsManaging/Leadership

November 29, 2019
How not to apologize for offensive behaviour

Diversity & InclusionNewsManaging/Leadership

November 28, 2019
Player calls hockey coach’s apology for racial slur ‘insincere’

Diversity & InclusionNews

November 28, 2019
Ontario government names leaders of inquiry into Peel District school board

Diversity & InclusionNewsLegislationRecruitment

November 28, 2019
Manitoba targets Quebec civil servants with recruitment campaign in wake of religious symbols ban

Diversity & InclusionFeatures

November 27, 2019
Experts: Leadership key to changing anti gay police culture

Diversity & InclusionNewsBullyingLegal

November 26, 2019
NHL investigates allegations Flames coach used racial slurs

Diversity & InclusionNewsLegalLegislation

November 26, 2019
Quebec law prohibiting religious wear at work faces legal challenge

Diversity & InclusionNews

November 26, 2019
New Ottawa police chief vows vigilance on racial bias, discrimination

Diversity & InclusionNews

November 7, 2019
Ontario to review Peel District School Board amid allegations of racism

Diversity & InclusionFeatures

November 6, 2019
Thirty per cent of minority Canadians experienced discrimination at work: survey

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