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FeaturesDiversity & InclusionManaging/Leadership

August 22, 2022
Calm in the chaos: Canadian Medical Association’s first Indigenous leader takes helm

FeaturesDiversity & InclusionWorkplace Investigations

August 19, 2022
Bell Media launching external review of its workplace following LaFlamme termination


August 18, 2022
Manitoba to increase minimum wage to $13.50 in October, plans to reach $15 next year


August 17, 2022
In Ontario, where have all the workers gone?


August 16, 2022
Ontario releases further guidance to employers on electronic monitoring policies


August 15, 2022
Premier Jason Kenney kicks off campaign to attract skilled workers to Alberta

FeaturesColumns/BlogsBusiness Travel

August 15, 2022
Amid flight cancellations and airport chaos, is it worth traveling right now?

FeaturesHealth & SafetyLegal

August 11, 2022
Company fined $125,000 for failing to isolate workers during COVID-19 outbreak


August 10, 2022
Metro faces ongoing worker shortage, higher overtime pay to keep grocery stores open

FeaturesBenefits & PensionsFederal and Provincial Budgets

August 10, 2022
Pandemic benefits were too generous with businesses, stringent with workers: Experts

FeaturesHealth & Safety

August 9, 2022
Top commander defends military’s vaccine requirement, says ‘tweak’ in the works

FeaturesColumns/BlogsBullyingManaging/LeadershipMental Health

August 5, 2022
Big difference between bad bosses, psychological monsters


August 3, 2022
Ontario premier won’t commit to wage cap repeal for health-care workers

FeaturesCompensationFederal and Provincial Budgets

August 2, 2022
Nova Scotia legislature expected to vote down pay raise for politicians

FeaturesLabour Relations

July 29, 2022
Public service unions say federal government’s guidance on hybrid work flawed

FeaturesCompensationEconomyYoung Workers

July 28, 2022
Rising food, rent costs eat into young professionals’ disposable income


July 27, 2022
More Canadian employers taking a wait-and-see stance when it comes to hiring

FeaturesBullyingDiversity & Inclusion

July 27, 2022
Alberta food supplier faces huge backlash after homophobic email sent by owner

FeaturesCompensationJob Cuts

July 26, 2022
‘I got this wrong:’ Shopify CEO announces plan to layoff 10 per cent of staff

FeaturesBenefits & PensionsFederal and Provincial Budgets

July 25, 2022
Feds seek dental care program ideas from industry, no details on shape it will take

FeaturesBenefits & PensionsLegislation

July 21, 2022
Ontario extends paid sick leave program for missed work due to COVID-19


July 20, 2022
Inflation may have peaked in June as gas prices soared: Economists

FeaturesSexual Harassment

July 19, 2022
Hockey Canada had abuse claim reserve fund: Court documents


July 18, 2022
Canadians are relocating for jobs amid steep inflation and low unemployment

FeaturesMental Health

July 18, 2022
Dial 988: Calls grow for three-digit suicide crisis hotline in Canada

FeaturesFuture of WorkJob CutsRecruitment

July 12, 2022
Canadian tech talent still in demand, despite layoffs and recession predictions

FeaturesGig EconomySexual Harassment

July 7, 2022
Delay and deflect: How women gig workers respond to sexual harassment

FeaturesDiversity & InclusionHealth & Safety

July 6, 2022
Canadian Forces allow beards, face tattoos in updated dress policy

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