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You clicked, we counted: Talent Canada’s Top 10 stories of 2022

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January 2, 2023
By Todd Humber

You clicked, we counted. Over the holidays, we crunched the numbers to reveal the 10 most viewed stories on Talent Canada in 2022.

As always, there were a few surprises on the list. Without further adieu, here’s the list of the stories that captured the attention of business leaders, HR professionals and employers throughout the year.

Number 10: HRPA CEO joins ‘Great Resignation’ and announces her retirement

Louise Taylor Green

Louise Taylor Green has announced her retirement as chief executive officer of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA). Read the story: https://www.talentcanada.ca/hrpa-ceo-joins-great-resignation-and-announces-her-retirement/



Number 9: Changing the deal: Updating employment agreements

(Lucian Milasan/Adobe Stock)

The question: Can employers “update” employment contracts with existing employees? The answer: Yes and no. Yes, it is possible in theory, and no, it is not as easy as many employers think. The common misstep: If an existing employee simply signs an “updated” employment contract at the employer’s request without receiving anything of value in return, that contract is not worth the paper it is written on.

Read the story: https://www.talentcanada.ca/changing-the-deal-updating-employment-agreements/

Number 8: Canadian employers dig deep with big pay raises

Photo: Johan10/Adobe Stock

Canadian employers are digging deep into their pocketbooks when it comes to raises this year, according to a recent salary survey. Eckler found that employers across the country are projecting the highest salary increase in two decades, with the average base salary projected to rise 4.2 per cent in 2023.

Read the story: https://www.talentcanada.ca/canadian-employers-digging-deep-with-highest-raises-in-two-decades-expected-salary-survey/

Number 7: How to rewire your brain towards positive thinking

Photo: Andrii Zastrozhnov/Adobe Stock

How many negative thoughts do you think you have a day? The more negative thoughts, the more efficient your brain gets at creating negative them, says Dr. Bill Howatt. Read the story: https://www.talentcanada.ca/how-to-rewire-your-brain-towards-positive-thinking/

Number 6: Federal court rules on mandatory vaccination policies

As vaccine mandates continue to proliferate Canadian workplaces, legal decisions such as this will prove increasingly valuable. (Jacob Lund/Adobe Stock)

The Federal Court of Canada recently ruled that vaccine mandates do not “force” employees to get vaccinated.

Rather, workplace vaccination policies force employees to make a choice between being vaccinated or remaining unvaccinated and losing that particular source of income.

Read the story: https://www.talentcanada.ca/federal-court-rules-that-mandatory-vaccination-policies-do-not-force-employees-to-get-vaccinated/

Number 5: Does daylight savings affect employee pay?

Photo: nito100/Getty Images

When Daylight Savings ends in the fall, employers run the risk of underpaying employees and breaking work time rules as workers end up working an extra hour in their shift. However, when daylight savings begins employees will work one hour less. This raises the question of whether employees still get paid for all their scheduled hours.

Read the story: https://www.talentcanada.ca/does-daylight-savings-affect-employee-pay/

Number 4: Why Canada needs 400,000 immigrants per year

Pixel-Shot/Adobe Stock

In late October, the Canadian government announced the most ambitious immigration plan in the nation’s history. Beginning in 2021, Canada will aim to welcome more than 400,000 new immigrants per year. Read the story: https://www.talentcanada.ca/why-canada-needs-more-than-400000-immigrants-per-year/

Number 3: Five common misconceptions around vacation law in Canada

(Mariusz Blach/Adobe Stock)

The rules surrounding vacation time and vacation pay are some of the most complicated, but least understood, part of employment law in Canada. Employment lawyer John Hyde takes a look. Read the full story: https://www.talentcanada.ca/five-common-misconceptions-around-vacation-law-in-canada/

Number 2: Podcast: A culture of health – tips on fostering workplace well-being

Talent Canada senior editor Todd Humber sat down with Janet Young, director, well-being and health services, people and culture at TELUS Health, to talk about how employers can create a culture of health. Listen to the podcast: https://www.talentcanada.ca/podcasts/a-culture-of-health-tips-on-fostering-workplace-well-being/

Number 1: The end of an era

The Queen Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace in London. Photo: Kathy Liotta

The death of Queen Elizabeth II made major national and international headlines last year. Our story on whether or that might lead to a national holiday in Canada was the most read story of the year on Talent Canada. Read the story: https://www.talentcanada.ca/queens-passing-might-mean-a-national-holiday-in-canada/

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